Normal household rubbish is picked up every Wednesday.  Please have your rubbish curbside by 7 AM.



The following materials emanating from residential premises will be acceptable for curbside pickup:

Garbage, cold ashes, rubbish, metal, plastic and glass containers, bags, light bulbs, dust, sweepings, tires off the rim (except for truck and similar large equipment tires), waste paper and cardboard, boxes, rags, clothing and other textiles, broken kitchenware, wood furniture, mattresses, wood doors, wooden crates, and similar waste materials ordinarily accumulated in and around the house, excluding body waste and bulky wastes. Upholstered sofas and chairs weighing over forty pounds are included in this definition, if two persons can readily lift them and there is room on the truck.


Refuse should be placed in a position as accessible to the roadside as possible, yet out of range of vehicle traffic or snow removal activities. Refuse should be placed in metal or plastic cans or in tied plastic refuse bags. The weight of an individual container should not exceed about 40 pounds. Materials for pickup must not be placed at the roadside prior to the morning of the pickup day. Collection will start at 7:00 AM.


Materials which have not been prepared, bound, containerized or properly placed for collection. Materials from the major repair of, excavation for, construction or destruction of buildings or structures, such as earth, plaster, mortar, bricks, building blocks, roofing materials, septic tanks, trees or tree stumps over six inches in diameter. Dangerous or environmentally unsafe materials or substances, such as televisions, computer monitors, fluorescent light bulbs, cleaning fluids, crank case oil, oil-based paints, liquid plastics, explosives, acids, caustics, poisons, drugs, radio-active materials, fine powdery earth used to filter cleaning fluids, infected materials, and refuse of a similar nature, body wastes, junk yard wastes, or solid industrial wastes, and hot ashes. Refuse which has been placed in containers for collection which have been pilfered by animals and which constitute litter will not be picked up by the contractor. Large or heavy objects exceeding about 40 pounds in weight, including but not limited to, major automobile parts, truck or large equipment tires, tree limbs, trucks, non-burnable construction/demolition debris, household appliances and metal bedsteads.


Holidays do not effect the day your rubbish is picked up.


Any complaints regarding the pickup service should be directed to the contractor between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Telephone 948-2658. If the problem is not resolved within a reasonable amount of time, the Town Office should be notified at 942-2905.


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